Monday, February 19, 2007

TAST Week 7 & 8

I will be out of town most of the week so I decided I better add the fly stitch to my block before I left. I had trouble getting the fly stitch even. Other than that I like it but I want to practice it a lot more. The feather stitch is right above it. That one was a little harder for me to get going on. It took several practice rows before I realized that if I just made use of those "imaginary lines" I kept reading about that it is a really simple stitch. I am starting a new CQ block next week for a class and I am going to do a lot more with the feather and fly stitch. I will probably go back and add something to the feather stitch on this block.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Friend

This is my February page for the Fabric in Altered Arts fabric page swap. I saw a quilt on Simply Quilts that was made up of blocks with a simple background and heart applique. On that quilt the background and the heart were a real mix of colors and themes. Very cool quilt. I wanted to do something similar and remembered my cute valentine dog fabric. The print on my fabric was so large that it was hard to get a whole dog and the text surrounding it into the size heart that I needed which was only about 5". The pages are only 6x6 so I just had to do the best I could. I had tried a different fabric (also and had the same problem. I cut out the heart freehand and used a blanket stitch, raw edges, no turning. Need to learn how to do that. I added a few words using my machine and then filled in the blank spots with some decorative stitching. I realized about half way through the project that someone else in the group had also used a dog for her Valentine/February page. We are a bunch of dog lovers in that group! You can find my 2 doxies in the January archives.

Monday, February 12, 2007

TAST Week 6

I added a row of Eyelet stitches with a French Knot in the center and Cretan stitches to my CQ block this week. I had planned to add French Knots between the stitches as well but they were just too close together. They were both worked with perle cotton. I am really looking forward to adding the Feather stitch to this block. I am taking an online crazy quilt block class for the next several weeks so a lot more stitching to be done!

Monday, February 5, 2007


This is a page I did in a fabric book with a Flappers theme. I just realized that I only scanned the back of the page. The black and green fabric was provided with the book. I have some old french postcards that I used for my flappers. I ink jet image is stitched to a piece of silk and then stitched to the fabric. I added the rose applique and feather along with the pink bead trim on the outside edge of the page but still need something else. I have until tomorrow to figure it out.

TAST Week 5

These are my samples of the Chevron stitch for TAST, week 5 already. I have already taken one of Sharon's classes but am now convinced that I need to sign up for the Personal Library of Stitches. The more I do the more I like what I am doing. I had a little trouble with the mechanics of this stitch in the beginning but once I got going I really enjoyed it. I started out with the Aida cloth using Watercolours by Caron and a DMC thread. The bottom row is Anchor Metallic Pearl Cotton. And it was on clearance and my favorite metallic thread so far so I guess I better get some more before they run out. The crazy quilt square, which is my first also has the Chevron stitch with the same threads. I need to go back and add the second row of stitching on the CQ block like I did on the bottom row of the Aida cloth. I had some fabric that I really wanted to use for a crazy quilt block and did not realize that I just had too much in the way of prints and not enough in the way of solids. I will have to use some bright colors in my threads to make them stand out. I will continue with this block for several more stitches. The next one will have more solid colors.