Sunday, February 18, 2007

Best Friend

This is my February page for the Fabric in Altered Arts fabric page swap. I saw a quilt on Simply Quilts that was made up of blocks with a simple background and heart applique. On that quilt the background and the heart were a real mix of colors and themes. Very cool quilt. I wanted to do something similar and remembered my cute valentine dog fabric. The print on my fabric was so large that it was hard to get a whole dog and the text surrounding it into the size heart that I needed which was only about 5". The pages are only 6x6 so I just had to do the best I could. I had tried a different fabric (also and had the same problem. I cut out the heart freehand and used a blanket stitch, raw edges, no turning. Need to learn how to do that. I added a few words using my machine and then filled in the blank spots with some decorative stitching. I realized about half way through the project that someone else in the group had also used a dog for her Valentine/February page. We are a bunch of dog lovers in that group! You can find my 2 doxies in the January archives.