Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fabric Easter Egg ATCs

These are my fabric Easter Egg ATCs for an ATC swap on my Fabric in Altered Art Yahoo group hosted by Sharon. The first 2 eggs were decorated with bobbin work. I made the middle one first, cut out the egg shape, and did the bobbin work. Since I was working from the wrong side it was hard to tell where to stop and start. On the one on the left I did the bobbin work on a square piece of fabric, then cut out the egg shape. The 3rd egg is made from ribbon. I printed the egg shape on a piece of lightweight cardstock, covered the shape with glue stick, and laid the pieces of ribbon across the egg shape. When the egg was covered and the glue stick was dry I cut the egg shape out. The easiest one for sure. They were all stitched to a piece of fabric with a decorative stitch, then cut to size and glued to the ATC sized cardstock. I covered the cardstock with fabric front and back and used a satin stitch to cover the edges. The little flowers are attached with a french knot in the center.


daverichards said...

These are really nice...they look absolutely wonderful...thanks for sharing this with us...and well for some more great stuff for Easter also drop by ym blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

Fabric said...

Great idea. We are always looking for unique ideas and now we have a project to work on for next Easter.

I cannot believe how many great ideas are out there and right under our noses.