Sunday, October 28, 2007

Christmas Inchies

This is not the best scan but when they're chunky they are harder to control on the Unruly Inchies. Actually, they are Fat Inchies. They are 1.5" which makes them easier to sew on and embellish. This is only half of my inchies for Tammy's swap on Fabric in Altered Art. The other half has little gold bells on them, along with some gold Angelina. The bells made it impossible to scan them. It is not Halloween yet, and I have my Christmas Inchies ready to mail. Woo Hoo! I feel like I am ahead of the game but that is not the Still lots of projects to complete for Fabric in Altered Art and Treasure Art Trends.

1 comment:

Goldbettyboop said...

what lovely inchies - times like this I wish I could sew...oh well I shall just admire work by those who can.