Saturday, August 4, 2007

Page for fabric book

This is a page I did for Liz's Trees book in one of the RRs on the Fabric in Altered Art Yahoo group. I had planned on appliqueing leaves on various fabric pieces and attaching them all to the page. When I started looking for fabrics I found that I had several leaf themed fabrics and ended up sewing them to other pieces of fabric and then attaching all of them to the page. I added several leaf buttons to the front and a piece of fabric on the back that had a very neat black tree printed on some brown batik with gold script text. Sorry, I did not scan that but wish I had now. Liz is going to have a really beautiful book when it is completed in about four months. The other pages in it are just wonderful. We are over half way finished with a really fun round robin!


Quilt Pixie said...

neat to see how many tree/leaf things you already had :-)

Sonnja said...

Kind Regards,


Karen Campbell said...

This is terrific, Cathy ... you put lot of work into this one ... and what a payoff!