Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Asian page for fabric book

This is the front and back of my page in Alyson's Asian themed fabric book. The front of the page was planned. The back was planned too, just not this plan.....LOL The back was supposed to be the purple print that you see under the pocket. When I tried to zigzag the front to the back using cotton batting all the edges wanted to do was roll up. I finally used the same fabric that I used for the pocket and cut it large enough so that it would fold over the raw edges on the front to form the border/binding. Then I cut the original back piece down to fit the black and gold back and stitched it in place. The pocket holds a Japanese calendar girl playing card and lucky coin. The embellishment on the pocket is a piece of bamboo with 2 fabric beads wrapped in metallic thread and a small bead on the end. In the end I was happy with this page.

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Carolyn said...

Your fabric pages are wonderful; however, I especially like the Asian ones.