Monday, January 8, 2007

Paris Page in RR Fabric Book

This is a page that I did in a fabric altered book for a round robin in my yahoo group. I scanned the page before I added it to the book because my scanner does not scan bulky items well. I am buying a new digital camera and hoping that will help out some. The Eiffel Tower was made from buttons that I collected for a few months. I love the polka dot ones! And the fabric as well. I did not add any images or embellishments to the right hand side. I did a lot of machine stitiching to add some dimension which is hard to see in the scan. I stitched around the waiter, the awning, a table, and added some little dogs that are close to the top of the awning and just to the right of it. I love travel, especially Paris, as a theme for altered books.

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Granny Fran said...

Welcome to Quilt Studio! Your fabric books are fantastic! I sure look forward to seeing more.