Monday, January 29, 2007

TAST Week 4

A few weeks ago when I was working on the white Aida I decided that the next time I would add some color to it. I got some new fabric dye and played with it just a little. The color was supposed to be burgundy so I didn't add too much hoping for a raspberry type color. When I added the dye to the water it was PURPLE and I mean purple. I may have rinsed a little too much because as you can see in the scan it almost looks gray. I had some trouble with the Cretan stitch. I think I am getting a little better at it now. The bottom row I stitched rather large with rayon thread, then added some detached chains which got cut off in the scan and some french knots on the other side. I liked it much better after adding the french knots. The yellow didn't go quite so well. I tried to make smaller stitches and they ended up all over the place. The top row I stitched larger again. I had a plan. First I stitched a row of orange cotton perle. Then I went back and stitched a second row in rayon between the spaces in the orange row, so really one row over the other. I think it is my favorite. On to the chevron stitch!

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Misa said...

I had troubles with cretan stitch, too! But yours does look great! I especially like the top row. Very nice!