Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This is a piece I started for the Fiber Collage online class at I got through the first 2 or 3 lessons, had to go out of town, and never got back on track. I think I am ready to work on it again. When I finish, most of the hand and the background will be filled in with embroider stitches. I did a similar fabric page a few months ago called "Heart in Hand" and machine stitched around the hand. I think I liked the hand stitching better and it was a great way to learn the blanket stitch. Now I just need to decide where to go from here. We'll see how far I get by next Wednesday. I do know there will be some cretan stitches in there somewhere.

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Susan said...

I really like this blending of the orange and pink. The buttonhole looks good! I want to see a pic when the cretan is added.